Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Moments

  • We survived our weekend.
  • Fudge loved racing his car and it looks as though his picture will be in one of the local papers, he is so excited.
  • Calvin dealt well with having to stay home from the car races and was visibly relieved when I told him he did not have to go to school today.
  • He is doing work at home and will be writing letters to apologize to the girls he hurt.
  • I will be continuing my "Angry Mama Bear" act with the school until some concrete solutions are found because although I am willing to home school him I also think that pulling him after this will send him the wrong message about how we deal with our problems.
  • I am still really angry that the principal will not listen to me and makes me feel as though my opinions are not valid because I am just the emotional parent.
  • There are simply not enough hours in my week for all things I want to get done.
  • The sun is shining and I can hang laundry on the line.
  • A sort of local Mom found my blog and has adopted older kids as well. It makes me really excited to be able to talk to someone who at least lives in the same end of the world.
  • I am counting the days until I can plant things in the garden.
  • We have flowers and asparagus in the yard, that makes me super happy.
  • I have therapy this week, that makes me happy to because after I am finished with the school I am totally going to need it.
  • I have been thinking about the dire need for services for kids like ours and wondering about how I could start to meet some of those needs. My plan has always been to get my masters degree and I am thinking about how I could do that.
  • I am still reeling over the story of the boy who was sent back to Russia. I can not for a minute judge that mother but I wish that it did not have to come to that. I do not care if the child was brought to North America from Mars, you would think that help could be provided so that parents do not have to feel as though there only option is to do something that drastic. The story out of Minnesota about a boy taking a gun to school makes me feel a similar way. Clearly we need to support families so that these children are having their needs met. Jayne sums the need for support up really well.
  • I have laundry to hang on the line, a boy to help with school work and work on writing out some of the things that the school needs to realise about Calvin before we have a meeting - so I gotta go!


GB's Mom said...

Prayers and hugs go with you as you battle the school. Sometimes getting our kid's needs met turns us from Mama Bear to Warrior Moms!

Lisa said...

Survival is key. :)
Ditto to GB's mom.