Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questions Part 2.

Mama Drama Times Two asked

I am wondering about when you went to Asia (Korea?) was it the Peace Corp? What did you do there for 18 months? What languages do you speak/read/write? Just curious.

I was overseas for 18 months in 2004/2005 and I was there as a teacher. I started off in Seoul, South Korea teaching English to Korean kids in an after school program but I hated it. I started looking for a new job a week after I got there. 6 months later I got a new job in Taipei, Taiwan and spent the next year there teaching kindergarten. I like the job better in Taipei but the hours where long and sometimes the cultural differences made it really hard to work there. I got see and do lots of great things while I was in Asia though and I would love to go back someday because there is so much that I did not get to see or do. Sadly I did not learn very much Korean or Mandarin, I was not really very committed and it was easy enough to get by in English.

Integrity Singer asked

ANY question?
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Seriously. I need to know. I'm losing sleep. lol

Darling, if I knew the answer to that one I would be a wealthy woman because I would make people pay me for answers to all of life's BIG questions!

Janera asked
Thanks for taking questions. I'm a new reader and would like to know more about how you are able to let your kids "own" their behavior. In other words, how do you avoid second-guessing yourself and feeling like a failure as a parent?

We talk a lot about choices around here and how our choices effect ourselves and the people around us. We draw the boys attention to the good choices as well as the bad ones in an attempt to create some balance for them.  We also talk about out choices as parents and what happens when we make choices we regret. We consistently guide the boys to be accountable for their behaviour by following the laws of natural consequences - sneaking water results in a wet bed which means you are doing the laundry or you have chosen to goof around and waste time instead of getting ready for bed, not a problem but our reading time has been used up, sorry. I do second guess myself, I wonder if I am to hard on them but at the same time I see the progress that they have made and I hear Calvin being responsible and take ownership of his mistakes and then I think that we are doing ok.

Mom 4 Kids asked
What lead you to adopt and what has lead you to consider/move toward doing it again? Sorry for my delay.

Since I was a young adult I had planned on adopting or fostering kids when I was ready to have a family. I used to work in the inner city in Winnipeg and I saw the overwhelming need for good placements and families for really broken kids. Working with those kids made we want to help other kids like them and when P and I started dating I made it very clear that this was what I wanted to do and he was on board and so we went ahead. We were going to foster at first but then they came to us with the boys and we agreed to adopt. We want to adopt again because we think that kids need permanence, understanding families and to know that they will not be moving again. There are over 9000 kids available for adoption in Ontario, we have room for more and although it will be a challenge I think it is one that we can handle.

That's it, thanks for asking, it was fun. I need to get some work done on camp programming now and then I have to go see Calvin, more on that later.


Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer! Great answers by the way!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. You have been very, very busy from the sounds of it...

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ya know, I've been wondering about the timeline of you living out of the country and when you adopted. It must have been just after you returned to Canada then? Or wait, when did you get married in all that?

Integrity Singer said...

you mean you don't know? That's it. I'm unfollowing your blog.


you said, "any question"

I'm so disappointed.