Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canes and other hard to find words.

Fudge will be 9 this fall, I try really hard not to compare him to his brother and other kids his age but it is really hard not to notice the huge deficits that he has. He struggles socially with other kids and his fine motor skills are still very poor. He gets easily frustrated by little things that other kids his age have mastered and he often makes jokes and comments that would be funny to kindergarten crowd but not other kids his age.

One of his biggest frustrations lately has been with his inability to recall information, it is almost as though his brain is a filing cabinet and the clerk is misfiling things while he is not looking. A few days ago we had a conversation that went something like this:

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GB's Mom said...

GB has the same trouble- it van take her forever to recall words that she already knows. She gets speech 3 time a week, under the hope that the more connections she makes to each word, the easier it will be to find it. You are the parent- get use to being wrong :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

Same here with Buster. This child is incredibly lazy on top of all his deficits, and his struggle to tie his shoe isn't near so bad when he gets past his attitude. It makes it so hard for me to know when I need to make it easier and when to let him struggle on. Since we are getting past some of the explosive stuff it's getting easier and easier to let him struggle a bit. This kiddo can't recall words, either, but if I don't help him he gives up on the conversation completely.

waldenbunch said...

My kid who struggles with word finding struggles with vocabulary in general. Plus we homeschool and I still don't have any answers. You can't teach every word in the dictionary! You just work and work and hope one day it will come easier. I'm not sure if it will. We got help for her auditory processing through Medicaid but they won't help with her verbal issues or her math deficiencies. So....we just struggle on a day at a time.