Friday, November 26, 2010

home sweet home

All is well. They let us come home yesterday morning. Well, all may not be well and only time will tell but, we are home and Calvin is ok and Fudge was thrilled to see us. Calvin and I walked down to meet the bus yesterday and Fudge got off and ran to Calvin like he has not seen him for a month of Sundays. It was sweetest moment I have witnessed between them in a long time, I cried.

Their connection to one another runs so deep that even when they are trying to kill one another they can not stay mad for to long. And to think that system though about splitting them up in an attempt to place them more easily, it would of killed them to not be together. I cannot even imagine the outcome of that  and I can't really dwell on it because it makes me to angry to think that they would of done that to them.

Anyway, we are home and Calvin is all cleaned out so to speak. The medical professionals and I still disagree about the cause of the obstruction and we are clearly not going to agree anytime soon. They are stuck on the behaviour issue ( that is really no longer the case although it was for a long time) and I am stuck on the fact that I think the behaviour was secondary and that there was an underlying problem to begin with. No one can hear that though so we came home with a larger daily dose of PEG and we will see what happens. I have also called the adoption worker that was assigned to us and I am going to ask her to contact birth parents ( since we do communicate with them via letters) so we can get some actual solid history aside from the little bit that we have on paper because going back to having an NG tube when this happens again is not going to be any ones idea of a good time.

That all being said, I must say that Calvins attachment to me is becoming more and more established and this was a great time just to be together. He looked to me for comfort and was appropriate with other adults. He did not push the limits beyond what one would normally expect a kid in his situation to do and he listened to me when he did start to get rude/pushy and was asked to stop.

I am thrilled to be home and near a hot shower and clean clothes. The boys brother and sister are coming for pizza tonight and I have to go make dough and get her a much belated birthday gift. I am looking forward to seeing them and so are the boys. So I must be off, hope all you American had a great thanksgiving and are enjoying your shopping today!.


Megan said...

So glad that everyone is okay. I've been thinking about your family a lot in the past few days. Hope that everything continues in a positive way and that you can get some concrete answers so your little man can keep feeling good.

Acceptance with Joy said...

I am glad to hear Calvin did well... I hope this is the end of the trial for him and you. It's good you can find the positive even in the hard times.



Ashley said...

Congratulations on being home- I hope you find some answers

GB's Mom said...

Glad he is home