Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Moments

  • I have been busy making perogies, lots and lots of perogies for our party on Saturday.
  • I went out with hubby last night to dinner and show, we saw Fiddler on the Roof, it was so nice to be out and enjoy one another without the kids.
  • In my absence the boys kept 2 sitters busy, their older brother and the resident teenager, Fudge acted like Fudge and many tears were shed. No one gave in to him though which was a really good thing.
  • I am really wrapping my mind around all the things that I have to do before Saturday, there will 80 people in my house and a lot of perogies eaten but it is for charity at Christmas so it is totally worth it.
  • I need to put my kids advent calendar together, I have all the bits but it is not assembled.
  • I think I will be lacking in sleep in attempt to get it all done.
  • Chocolate and wine will help.
  • The boys brought home interim report cards today, they are both doing really well but Fudge is argumentative.... surprise, surprise.
  • Did you know that there are less than 100 days to Orlando... I am pumped already.
  • I was really sick 2 weeks ago, i got antibiotics and then forgot about them while Calvin was in the hospital. I did not finish them and now my nasty sore throat is coming back - doh.
  • Everyone assured me that Calvin would not have any soiling issues after spending time in the hospital getting cleaned out, he is soiling every day. He is great about sitting and about the meds but he is still soiling, not tons but enough that I notice. Poor kid, this means that things are not resolved and I am not sure were we will go from here.
  • I am totally behind in all my blog reading, I think it is time to hit the mark all read button even though I don't want to I think I am going to have to.
  • I am also going to have to hit the publish button and take myself to bed because I am exhausted.


Acceptance with Joy said...

Been dealing with the poop issue, too. The twins are going every day.... and they know how to convince me that they've gone enough.... however, the last few days I figured out that it isn't enough. Missy's belly was distended and hard. She flat out told me she didn't want to poop. She also started refusing to drink water which is a sign that things are really backed up and it's uncomfortable to drink. I spent hours with her pushing fluids, etc... she must have gone 10 times yesterday and today she really started to empty out. Buster is not quite as bad, but headed in that direction. Oh the joys :-)

While I know for the twins it is partly psychological, there is a physical factor involved.

GB's Mom said...

Let me get this straight- your still sick and they didn't fix Calvin... what a sucky couple of weeks :( It sounds like you are going to Orlando- are you really? :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I'll be there..... I'm going to start driving north right now to come and get some pierogies. So, do I turn left or right at the border?

BTW, sad for poor Calvin. All that and it still isn't over. And his poor mom too!

Integrity Singer said...


my father was born in Poland.
Pierogies are soul food!!!!