Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Moments

  • oh summer, how I love you. 
  • It has been beautiful here in the great white north, it clearly is not white given that it has been over 40 Celsius  I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit but it is hot. 
  • That was last week though, it is lovely and cool today. 
  • I plan on painting the rest of my hallway. 
  • I am looking forward to school being finished, yes I just said I was looking forward to it. 
  • I know I will eat my words in a few weeks but I'm ready for a break from the routine of it all. 
  • The boys are doing surprisingly well ( given that school is ending), there have been a few huge bumps in the last few weeks but things seem to of leveled back out. 
  • I like level and predictable children. 
  • Fudge told me I was cruel yesterday, I commended him on his choice of words, he didn't like that. 
  • I was happy that he actually voiced his frustration though rather than just swallowing it like he usually does and cruel is such a good word to describe when your Mom sends you to your room to cool down because you are screaming at everyone around you. I was so out of line. 
  • Circle of Moms is doing a top 25 Adoption bloggers list and some of my favourite people are on it, go vote for Christine, Essie, Dinah, Courtney, Adoption magazine, Last Mom, Megan, Kristen and Keri. You do not have to sign up or anything, just click on the little thumbs up. 
  • I joined Corey's 500 club which is a fundraiser for the Orlando scholarship fund but is also a way to get off my butt and get some exercise. I am biking and giving myself some credit for all the gardening as well. 
  • I must go take Calvin to school and really doing that in my pj's might not be such a good plan. 


GB's Mom said...

LOL, I take the girls in my PJs sometimes, usually when the bus has screwed up. It lets the school know I am very not happy :)

krlr said...

In theory, of course, why not PJs? But my neighbor was rear ended one morning and had to exchange info & talk to the nice local PD whilst in her jammies. That has always deterred me. :)

Ashley said...

Jealous of the heat! Fog here for the last week, and 13 degrees tops! Another reason for me to visit, right?

Marcy said...

Anything above 10C is feeling balmy here! LOL! I'm looking forward to summer too. I know my kids will go a little stir crazy without structure but hey, if you can't beat 'em join 'em.