Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moments

  • it is Calvin's 11th birthday today. Those of you who are parenting kids like mine know that birthdays can bring out the crazies in our kids in a special way. The lead up to today was no exception, he has been one tough nut these last 2 weeks. 
  • He pulled it together last night for a family meal and celebration and did not freak out when I forgot the chocolate chips int he pancakes this morning so hopefully we will all get through the day in one piece. 
  • He lost the privilege of having a party with friends because he refused to follow some pretty basic rules both at home and at school. He will be mad about for some time to come but he is beginning to realise that I usually follow through on my word. 
  • I regret starting the tradition of having parties with my kids. I know that it is a normal part of growing up but they always cause so many behaviour issues that I feel like it is not worth the hassle. A small event with 1 or 2 friends would much more reasonable and causes a whole lot less behaviour. 
  • School ends on Thursday, I have mixed feelings about that. 
  • Fudge has been leaving me love notes, it is so sweet and it warms my heart to know that he is FINALLY attaching to me, not that it has been a long road or anything. 
  • I am trying to make some plans for cottage trips and camping to help keep me sane over the next 2 months. 
  • The men with big trucks are still digging up my front yard, the 3 days of rain that we had sort of put a stop to things - it will be done soon, it will be done soon, it will be done soon - right. 
  • I have been working on creating an office space for me in our house, I finally have it all painted and it is starting to look good, pictures soon. 
  • Gotta take Calvin to school cause when you get kicked off the bus for the rest of the year they do not make an exception on your birthday. 


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

this year we surprised Genea with an early family party and it worked pretty well. But, we had a 'friends' party at a water park and lord help me that child was a train wreck for days leading up. It's so sad, when even a child's birthday gets messed up by their trauma history.

Diana said...

I had one party with friends for my son. That was ENOUGH!!! It won't be happening again anytime soon. And you know what?? Even my bio daughter's last party (at a roller rink at her request) was over the top too stimulating for her. We've gone to the low key small affairs for a couple of friends and family (or a surprise big one like a trip to a far away fun center) for everyone. The stress otherwise isn't worth it. My boys especially didn't perceive it as a right of passage and they rarely get invited to parties themselves (and I've learned the hard way not to let them go when they do). Even my daughter likes the "take the family and a couple of friends out for pizza" better than a big crazy birthday party that more often than not are more for the adults gratification than the kids anyway.

I can't believe kids are still in school!! Mine have been out for a (very long) month already. You must not start again until well into September. We start the third blessed week of August.

Good luck with birthdays and summer!!

Ian & Ruby said...

I know the feeling. A 21st birthday should be something to celebrate, but my bipolar daughter managed to turn it into a disaster in the week leading up to it. Eventually the day turned out okay, but I was shattered for weeks!

BT said...

Happy happy birthday to Calvin. P is 11, and I have LOVED this age. So many developing abilities and emerging ability to articulate things.

We do an early bday celebration for P every single year (started after two years of birthday craziness...), and it seems he's still (pleasantly) surprised by it each year even though he's a whiz at detecting patterns in all other areas of his life. After the fact, he always thanks us for the early surprise because it "kept him from amping up his RAD lies" about his birthday and birth. We do another celebration on his actual bday, and he is always calm in between and on the actual days. It is amazing to me how well this works. We keep both celebrations small and family-oriented, sometimes with 1 friend invited.

Our school ends this Thursday too. I think I have been counting down the days for longer than our boys have!